A Day To Remember at Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill

A Day To Remember Tickets

Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill | Sterling Heights, Michigan

A Day To Remember

Oh, My, God... I did not see this coming... clearly neither did anybody else, and I'm not sure if the bands even knew that a tour was gonna happen this year?! So, Pop-punk people... The Least Anticipated Album Tour is now here, officially happening! A Day To Remember comes to Freedom Hill Amphitheatre on Wednesday, June 12th 2024, and well, we hope they prepared a set list!

So, you ready to make your summer 2024 epic? Its The Least Anticipated Album Tour ever, with a full roster of pure pop-punk, headliners A Day To Remember bringing along their friends, the Story So Far, and Four Year Strong and the opening band on June 11th will be hardcore punk rockers, Militarie Gun! Go ahead and smash that "Buy Tickets" button, and get your summer going the right way! The punk way!

The extensive, Its The Least Anticipated Album Tour 2024 mixes up A Day To Remember's usual buddies with a trio of new faces. Pop-punk old guard, the Story So Far and Four Year Strong will be along for the entire ride, while various newbies, Militarie Gun, Pain of Truth, and Scowl will open the shows individually at different venues. In addition to the various cities being hit hard, A Day To Remember also plans a number of festival appearances this year. Stopping off at Rockville on May 11, Hangout Fest on May 17 and 18, Sonic Temple on May 19, Four Chord Music Festival on June 22 and When We Were Young festival on Oct. 20.

Formed in 3003, A Day To Remember is lead singer Jeremy McKinnon, guitarists Neil Westfall, and Kevin Skaff, along with drummer Alex Shelnutt. Their last and seventh studio album was back in 2021, when they released You’re Welcome, featuring the singles “Brick Wall” and “Degenerates” as well as their big number one hit “Everything We Need.” Then in 2022, the band dropped the single “Miracle” and a new iteration of “Re-Entry” which featured Mark Hoppus of blink-182. But most importantly, and looking at the name of this tour... I think it's safe to assume they will be bringing something brand new out very shortly!

Meanwhile, supporting act The Story So Far will be out playing their upcoming album, I Want to Disappear, arriving mid-tour on June 21st. In 2007, The Story So Far came together in Walnut Creek, California. With Parker Cannon on vocals, Kevin Geyer and William Levy on rhythm and lead guitars, Ryan Torf and Kelen Capener on drums and bass. 2022 saw the band change it up, with Torf moving to rhythm guitar and keyboards, while Mike Ambrose was brought on as touring drummer.

Four Year Strong came together in 2021, in Worcester, Massachusetts. Members of the band are lead singer and guitarist Alan Day, bassist Joe Weiss, and drummer Jake Massucco.

And that's it, A tour you didn't expect for an album you didn't know was coming... It's The Least Anticipated Album Tour 2024, with A Day To Remember, the Story So Far, Four Year Strong, and Militarie Gun! Grab your tickets now!

A Day To Remember at Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill

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