Cavetown & Mother Mother at Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill

Cavetown & Mother Mother Tickets

Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill | Sterling Heights, Michigan

Cavetown & Mother Mother

Michigan is ready for the most-anticipated musical tandem as the indie music pioneers Cavetown and Mother Mother bring their co-headlining tour on Friday, 12th of July, at Michigan Lottery Theater at Freedom Hill, Sterling Heights. Along with the punk band Destroy The Boys, the catchy indie music will be full-stacked as Cavetown and Mother Mother pull up with their melodic bedroom pop and contrasting music that can bring heartfelt feelings to the fans listening. From ukulele ballads to lo-fi indie rock, Cavetown and Mother Mother are ready for the blast as they conquer the stage with the best music in line. Featuring their top hits including “Devil Town”, “Juliet”, “Verbatim”, and “Hayloft”, the indie music feels will sooth through everyone’s ears as they drop the joint thrills for the best musical experience you’ll ever experience. Indie-rock music will shine brighter this time,with Cavetown and Mother Mother preparing for a double musical chime in a historical live experience up for grabs. Secure your tickets now!

The indie-rock artistry will be doubled this summer as Cavetown and Mother Mother drops their co-headlining tour on Friday, 12th of July, at Michigan Lottery Theater, Sterling Heights, Michigan. Together with the punk band Destroy The Boys, the blend of musical genres is all set as the alternative-indie-punk mania puts the crowd in insane mode, digesting the good music right on their corners.

Make it the most unforgettable concert you will ever experience with the VIP packages full of exciting treats. It offers premium concert tickets, exclusive access to merchandise booths, and exclusive items specially crafted and inspired by Cavetown and Mother Mother. An exclusive acoustic performance from both artists and a Pre-show Q&A is also available for a chance to meet members of Mother Mother and get to know them better before the most-awaited show.

The Cavetown and Mother Mother join forces for a co-headlining tour that will travel across North America, bringing the indie-rock spree for the fans to see. The Mother Mother band, consisting of Ryan Guldemond, Molly Guldemond, Jasmin Parkin, Ali Siadat, and Mike Young, will be half of the all-out concert as they showcase their alternative indie music right in front of the fans. With their much-awaited banger album “Grief Chapter,” Mother Mother will showcase their versatility as their optimistic lyrics with sinister music bring a different level of intensity to this indie-music feast. Coming from a massive tour, "Bittersweet Daze,” the singer/producer Cavetown is the other half of the show putting up great indie-rock musical scores. Bagging about 4 billion streams for their album “Worm Food,” Cavetown will be swaying the whole of Michigan as he and Mother Mother provide the musical glam for a perfect blend of acoustic and electronic music on display.

“I am such a fan and am excited to see our fan bases come together for our big rock show. See you soon”, Cavetown said on his tandem with Mother Mother for this co-headlining tour.
The punk band Destroy The Boys will support the show as they heat the stage with a high-intensity punk spree. Famous for their inclusive and dynamic music, they start the show with a great beat as they feature their newest single, “Muzzle,” in front of the thousands of music enthusiasts waiting for the main scene.

The Michigan Lottery Amphitheater will house the co-headlining tour of Cavetown and Mother Mother in town. From the fine ambiance, popularly large venues equipped with the latest technology, and high-quality production, get ready to be charmed as the perfect venue adds to the excitement brought by the indie-rock artists. Keep the music flowing as Cavetown and Mother Mother hit the stage for an eclectic live concert you will ever experience. Grab your tickets now!

Cavetown & Mother Mother at Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill

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