Meghan Trainor at Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill

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Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill | Sterling Heights, Michigan

Meghan Trainor

'Because you know I'm all about that bass! Releasing a new comeback single "Been Like This" featuring T-Pain off of her upcoming LP "Timeless", Meghan Trainor is heading back on tour! The "Mother" pop star is set to release her sixth full-length album this June. Following the launch of a new era, she's taking her new anthems and big hits back to the stage on "The Timeless Tour", her first headlining trek in seven years. The singer is well-known around the globe for her chart-topping hits that dominated the airwaves. These include "All About That Bass", "Lips Are Movin", "Dear Future Husband", "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" featuring John Legend, "No", "Me Too", "Made You Look", and many more. Marking 10 years since her massive debut, she's stoked to reunite with her Megatronz family on tour. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Your lips are moving! Well, get ready to sing your heart out as Meghan Trainor marks her comeback headlining tour in seven years. Set to release her upcoming album "Timeless" on June 14th, the iconic pop star gave us a taste of what to expect with its lead single "Been Like This" featuring T-Pain. As a surprise for her birthday, the iconic duo released a collab you never expected to come out. It sure is a timeless bop!

Trainor's husband Daryl Sabara tried his best to surprise the singer for her birthday, the reason why this T-Pain collaboration came to be. "She’s been a fan of mine for a long time and the feeling is definitely mutual," he shared in a statement. "I think we came together in a way that’s a perfect mesh of styles that will get everybody ready for us to work together again real soon. T-Pain and M-Train, the collab you never knew you wanted but needed."

The new album follows her 2022 record "Takin' It Back" which featured her hit single "Made You Look". Taking everyone by surprise with a T-Pain collab, more surprises are yet to come leading to Timeless' full release.

Since her debut album "Title" back in 2015, Trainor has been riding the waves of fame and success through her unique music that defied mainstream styles. Mastering the art of virality on social media and most recently, TikTok, she remains grounded in producing music that stays true to her heart - not for the streams. "I stopped chasing radio and what I thought people wanted to hear and just wrote what I enjoyed," she told Rolling Stone about "Takin' It Back". "I put my heart into each song. Sometimes my sad, broken heart and sometimes my happy, confident heart."

Gearing up for a new era, the "Mother" pop star is giving it her all. In an exclusive interview with People, the singer shares "I’m feeling fit. I’ve never been so fit." Now blooming at 30 years of age, "I already told my household. I was like, ‘I am training for the Olympics, okay?’ I want to train and eat clean, and feel good when I’m dancing and singing. I don’t wanna be so winded, because right now, I’m winded."

You can expect an energized and pumped up Meghan Trainor to sing your favorite hits and new anthems on the stage. We're betting on "All About That Bass", "Lips Are Movin", "Dear Future Husband", "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" featuring John Legend, "No", and "Made You Look" to definitely be part of the set. With a roster of hits over the last decade, we're stoked to hear what follows "Been Like This".

"We're going to play the hits and we're going to splash in this new album and splash in all of the [previous] albums," she told PEOPLE.

About her upcoming LP, Trainor shares that it has "the most self-love, pop bangers ever on one album."

Don't miss out on Meghan Trainor's "Timeless" era by booking your tickets now!

Meghan Trainor at Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill

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